Denise Smith Instructor

Denise Smith, RN, MS, CLNC

Denise Smith is an Associate Consultant with Courtemanche & Associates. In this role she is responsible for assessing healthcare organizational readiness for licensing, certification, accreditation and regulatory compliance. She assists organizations with survey preparation, educational needs, post survey activities, follow-up, patient safety strategies and quality improvement initiatives. Denise has more than 40 years of experience and expertise in Infection Prevention, Sterile Processing, Legal Nurse Consulting, Quality and Resource Management, Clinical Education, and a variety of acute inpatient and outpatient care settings.

Clinically, Denise is a licensed Registered Nurse with an extensive background in Infection Prevention and Control for perioperative settings, sterile processing and quality management. 

Ultrasound Transducers are used in many healthcare settings for diagnosis and treatment

Denise Smith provides critical tips and solutions for the safe reprocessing of transducers using evidence based practice methodologies to prevent infection. Learn best practices from Denise about cleaning and disinfecting endoscopes and surgical instruments to protect patients.

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Managing Flexible Endoscopes

Managing Flexible Endoscopes

With more than 20 million endoscopic procedures performed annually, managing endoscopes is necessary to prevent infections and damage to the costly scopes.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surgical Instruments

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surgical Instruments

Experts estimate 60% of surgical site infections (SSIs) can be prevented. Implementing appropriate cleaning and disinfecting practices go along way in prevention.

Using PPE Properly

Using PPE in Healthcare

Awareness of when and how to use PPE in healthcare is critical in infection prevention, both to healthcare workers and to patients. Learn tips for use with challenging infectious risks.