Moderate Sedation and Patient Safety go hand in hand for providers and nursing staff who use sedation for diagnostic and treatment procedures in hospital and ambulatory settings and must meet regulatory requirements. Learn how to use performance tracing to meet TJC and CMS requirements for sedation safety.

Hi, I’m Chris Pratt and I'm here to help your team in their Moderate Sedation Practice.

I'm a nurse consultant with Courtemanche and Associates. I've been in nursing for over 32 years with a wide variety of experiences in healthcare including critical care, education & training, ambulatory, surgical and executive nursing. I'm a retired Navy Nurse with 29 years of service. I have a BSN from the University of South Carolina and an MS in Educational Leadership from the University of Memphis.

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Moderate Sedation

Learn essentials for tracing moderate sedation

This course reviews key considerations for Moderate Sedation and provides tracing strategies for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Innovative Coaching Session: 1:1 With Our Accomplished Consultants
Innovative Coaching Session: 1:1 With Our Accomplished Consultants

To learn more about this topic schedule time with one of our subject experts. Sometimes those lingering questions and thoughts about how this applies in any situation can keep us awake at night. During this one hour session you will be able to ask detailed questions to gain in-depth knowledge, thoughts about specific concerns, and practical applications for your organization.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Surgical Instruments
Cleaning & Disinfecting Surgical Instruments

Techniques for Cleaning and Disinfecting Surgical Instrumentation

Surgical Site Infection Prevention - Hospitals
Surgical Site Infection Prevention - Hospitals

Experts estimate that 60% of surgical site infections are preventable. Learn about the latest recommendations including the 7S Bundle and patient engagement strategies to focus staff, providers and patients on this common goal.