CMS 101 foundations provides current survey approaches to prepare leaders, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals for regulatory compliance.

Hi, I’m Judy Courtemanche,

Founder & former President of Courtemanche & Associates

I have served healthcare for more than 4 decades as an administrator and nurse. I have worked in many healthcare settings and served in leadership, managerial, educational and nursing roles. I have worked in accreditation as a field surveyor, team leader and faculty for The Joint Commission. In addition, I have also served healthcare organizations and systems as a regulatory consultant and educator for over 25 years, troubleshooting and assisting physicians, leaders and staff to successfully overcome regulatory challenges through understanding, education and creative solutions for difficult issues.

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Innovative Coaching Session: 1:1 With Our Accomplished Consultants
Innovative Coaching Session: 1:1 With Our Accomplished Consultants

To learn more about this topic schedule time with one of our subject experts. Sometimes those lingering questions and thoughts about how this applies in any situation can keep us awake at night. During this one hour session you will be able to ask detailed questions to gain in-depth knowledge, thoughts about specific concerns, and practical applications for your organization.

Learn the difference between complaints and grievances
Complaints & Grievances

Sometimes confusion exists between complaints and grievances and what regulatory and accreditation expectations mean. This essentials course provides clarity for hospitals and other healthcare settings on how to respond to complaints and grievances.

Leader Engagement
Leader Engagement to Reduce Harm

Lack of engagements for leaders, staff and physicians affects patient safety and professional well-being. This advanced course provides solutions to enhance leadership engagement for organizational success.